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Kendall Jenner’s Dermatologist Reveals Bacne Causes

What causes back acne, also known as “bacne”? Kendall Jenner’s dermatologist weighs in on the matter.

Kendall Jenner has learned to handle her skin condition in an impressive way

(U.S. Medical Times — January 25, 2017) — Many celebrities are open about their experiences with acne, and Kendall Jenner is one of them. This reality television star has shared how acne ruined her self-esteem and made it very difficult for her to fit in with her peers. She has shared helpful tips and ideas for beating acne, and now her dermatologist has opened up on the condition and what people can do about it.

On Kendall’s website app, dermatologist Christie Kidd shared some insights in a video called Skin Savvy: Body Acne. Kidd says that acne often appears on the shoulders, neck, and upper back as the result of improperly washing hair.

“Most of us, we wash our hair, we condition it, and when our conditioner is sitting, that’s when we wash our body, and then the last we do is rinse out our conditioner,” she says.

But she points out that your conditioner is actually filled with oils that can seep into the open pores on your back and clog them. This is particularly bad news for those with large pores along their back and shoulders.

The solution to avoid this is simple. “You need to wash and condition your hair first, rinse all your conditioner out and clip your hair up,” she explains in the video. “And now wash your body.”

Furthermore, she says that there are better ways to clean out your pores, like Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatments such as the very popular acne cream from Keeva Organics. She recommends that you don’t use a loofa or abrasive tool to wash the skin on your back. These tools can tear pores, and make it easier for acne to form.

Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Cream is indicated for acne treatment.  It detoxifies the skin, shrinks pores, and controls excess sebum secretion to prevent future blemishes. What is so great about Tea Tree Oil?

Catherine Donaldson-Evans writes the following in her blog titled, How To Cope With Severe Acne …

“It’s important to remind yourself that an estimated 85% of people experience acne at some point in their life, and the condition won’t last forever. Acne flares up typically beginning around ages 10 to 13 and lasting five to 10 years after that—because the body’s dramatic hormonal changes during these years causes an increase in oil secretions (called sebum) and enlarged facial oil glands. When oil combines with dead skin cells and bacteria clogs pores—you get pimples. I have found tea tree oil to be incredibly effective at eliminating acne.”

Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil

  • Offers 1 step therapy, so you can get on with your day, instead of wasting 30 minutes in front of the mirror
  • Provides a tingly sensation that works on mild to moderately severe acne, and could potentially save you time and money that comes along with visiting expensive dermatologists
  • Makes skin healthy, bright, and radiant so you can walk in confidence amongst peers

Tea Tree Oil Response From Users:

Testimonial Pic“I would like to send a personal email to explain the gratitude I have for such an exceptional product. I purchased the tea tree oil acne cream from Keeva… I have suffered from adult onset acne. I am 36 years old now; I began seeking acne treatment at age 27. I have hyper pigmentation from acne scars which have drastically improved since I started using this product. I have purchased THOUSANDS of dollars on OTC acne and RX medication, as well as make up to cover up blemishes. I have even been depressed about my acne. After two months using Keeva acne treatment, my skin has improved 75% or more. It is rare that I take the time to review and give feedback about products. However, Keeva has made a tremendous change in my skin and self esteem. Again, I am so thankful to have found this product! I will definitely purchase more of this.”

~ Nicole C.

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