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“MyTestosteroneKit”… A Dramatic Price & Custom Program Breakthrough for Low T Treatment

MyTestosteroneKit has proven to be quite a new and exciting breakthrough in low Testosterone Replacement Therapy.   This new Kit has been described by its users as:

“amazing custom program allows me to dial in my desired results”

“really happy with the price,…its affordable!”

“love time freedom, I schedule my visits with the doctor over the phone, so I don’t wast my time driving and sitting in an medical office”

There are many benefits over traditional Testosterone Treatment, just a few are: 

First, It’s incredibly affordable. Most testosterone patients are paying between $275 and $450 per month for Testosterone replacement. The “MyTestosteroneKit” includes the initial testing, consultation, and medical visits with a Licensed Hormone Specialist, and monthly injections for a base price of just $239 per month.

The Medical Provider has offered a New Year Special Offer allowing the New Patient to purchase the Kit for ONLY $95! for the first 500 Patients.  With this amazing price we checked reviews and found all are mostly 4 and 5-star ratings with what seems to be thousands of happy patients. This special offer price is available by and entering the coupon code: NEWYOUSALE at checkout here.

Secondly, traditional Testosterone clinics require you to visit the clinic each week to for an injection. This is almost impossible for most people. They end up missing treatments resulting in the effects of the treatment being uneven. So there are lows and spikes in the Testosterone levels. MyTestosteroneKit allows you to find your best cycle for injections and perform these injections at home or any location you choose.  This will provide you with more even levels of Testosterone at the levels you choose. Basically, for men you can restore your Testosterone level back to the peak when you were 25 to 29 years old. It’s a pretty amazing result for most who are experiencing the dire effects of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction.  Many people value their time and by allowing a person to save the countless hours each month traveling to a medical clinic is one of their big reasons for using the “MyTestosteroneKit”.

“I have my sex drive back! I feel young again!”

Another major benefit is that “MyTestosteroneKit” is a CUSTOM kit. The traditional clinics simply give the same treatment to each patient weekly over and over again.   The Medical Professionals with “MyTestosteronKit” know and understand that each patient is different with different goals and objectives.  The Patient’s kit is designed around achieving the optimum results with the patients goal in mind. Additionally patients have the flexibility to discuss other medical issues that have their foundation in Hormone Treatment. Like Sexual Wellness, including Erectile Dysfunction and also maximizing potency, penis size and hardness.

The Makers of “MyTestosteroneKit” are fully licensed medical professionals. The practice is fully dedicated to Hormone Treatment & Therapy. The main office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Of course anybody who prefers to visit in the office is welcome to do so. They also provide services all across the United States with our affiliates in local cities. We asked them for a comment and they responded with

“We want patients to know that Testosterone is known to be the fuel that drives your health. Restoring your testosterone levels will energize your body, increase sex drive and build lean muscle. You will notice improved mood, memory and mental acuity, sexual benefits like an increase in desire (Libido), penis size and hardness, and many health benefits one of which is a decrease in body fat. Women experience similar benefits. When a person has a vitamin deficiency they immediately replace that deficiency with vitamins, Testosterone is the same but 100 times more important! With over 30 years in Hormone Therapy we have found that nearly every male’s testosterone is in decline at age 30 and virtually every male at age 40 or over would benefit from Testosterone Therapy.”

It’s not just for men, 50% of our patients are women! It’s a different treatment but we have a custom kit for women too!

The “MyTestosteroneKit” is available online. For buyer convenience and confidence its now available with a 60% off discount for the first 500 patients by entering the coupon code: NEWYOUSALE 

My Testosterone Kit, is a monthly testosterone replacement program that provides monthly testosterone injections delivered to your door. That’s right, no more driving to clinics to get your injections.

UPDATE: A My Testosterone Kit team member said special offer of 60% off is limited to the first 500 patients only with coupon code MYTESTNYPurchase the kit here.


“My husband performs like he’s 30 years old !”

What’s so great about My Testosterone Kit Anyway?

In order to provide a thorough understanding of the answer, it’s important that you’re educated on the statistics of why men suffer from low T.

Nearly 98% of men over the age of 40 are diagnosed with low testosterone levels. The loss of testosterone, as a man ages, is common. Many men experience at least an average loss of 1% of their testosterone per year, simply from factors associated with the process of aging.

For many men, feeling lack in sexual desire, fatigue, depression, muscle loss, mood swings, or weight gain is a good reason to go visit your doctor. In a healthy male, normal testosterone levels range from 300 ng/dl to 1050 ng/dl. Because there is such a huge gap in the normal range, what might be normal for one man may be low for another.

“I love my husband so much more after he purchased his MyTestosteroneKit”

Common Questions:

Does it affect fertility? Study after study concludes that testosterone injections are safe and that most men don’t have this problem. That is why you will work with a certified lab from MyTestKit, so they can come up with the best approach for you.

Does it affect the likelihood of stroke and heart attack? If there is risk, you won’t qualify for injections. MyTestKit creates a custom plan for each person, and if you are not a good candidate, you won’t qualify.

Do I have to be on injections for life? Supplement companies try to say injections are bad so they can sell more pills. But clinical studies show that injections of free testosterone are actually the best solution. Nothing compares. Supplements only boost your testosterone 100 or 200 points. Testosterone replacement therapy is actually the best long term solution and it will change the way you feel. You won’t be tired and need naps, you’ll be full of energy.

The benefit of testosterone injections:

  • Improved Body Image
  • Increased Bone Strength
  • Decrease in chances of prostate cancer
  • Better sexual function
  • A healthier heart

Here’s what one of their extremely satisfied customers had to say …

“Truly made with the customers interest in mind. As a reviewer I try my best to give an honest opinion and review of each item. When I saw this product I was very excited because I knew my husband would have no objections as long as he did not have to physically go to his Doctors office. All you have to do is wake up, provide a saliva sample, ship it off in the prepaid package at ups, and wait to recieve your results. It’s so simple! I am excited and impressed with the ease of use of this service. If you think you may have a testosterone imbalance, you no longer have an excuse to not get it checked out!”

Testimonials like these are fueling the demand for this highly effective treatment.  With that being stated, it’s important that you realize no one single product is going to work for everyone who tries it.  However, it’s great to have another weapon in the arsenal in the war against testosterone levels.

Now all My Testosterone Kit has to do is keep supply above demand, so that more product gets into the hands of men, who are struggling with low testosterone levels.

Change happens in a moment, it’s a thought, a decision, an idea even a dream put into action.   Learn more about My Testosterone Kit, by visiting their official site today.


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